Thursday, September 13, 2012

Round Two

Girls, Boys, Parents, Fans, People of the Blogosphere, 

I have a very important announcement to make:  I’m back.

My name is Allie Chalke and I’m a senior for the VReds.  I played my first three years in BC so although I’m only in my second year at UNB I’m in my final year of ball.  I expect a decent amount of my posts and ramblings over the next six months will relate to my fleeting time left as a student athlete so I won’t get into that now, but this is your warning, it’s coming. 

I kept this blog through the second half of last season and I’ve been asked to do it again this year.  It’s a chance for the people who support us to get a little insight into what our lives are like.  I’ll post every week about what we've been up to and how we’re feeling heading into the weekend.  For the most part, I won’t talk about what happened in our games, I’ll leave that up to the professionals at the Gleaner, the Brunswickan, and the papers in cities we visit.  Instead, I’m going to try to bring you along for the ride with us: in the locker room, the weight room, the gym, and on the bus.  I can’t promise it will always be glamorous because there isn’t a lot of glamour in 12-hour bus rides, ice baths, and sprained fingers.  That being said, I love being a VRed and some of my favourite parts are the subtleties.  I love chatting with teammates on the bus, I love the way my body feels after ten minutes in freezing water, and each taped up injury is a reminder of why we fight so hard every day.  I’ll do my best to capture those things for you. 

If you’re an athlete you probably already have an idea of what I’m talking about.  You probably understand the willingness to sacrifice sleep, a social life, and your body for a sport.  You’ll (hopefully) read and nod along thinking “yeah, I get that”.

For those of you who aren’t (and to all my extend family who I’m sure received an email link from my Dad…) I’ll do my best to explain to oddities and obscurities of film sessions, scouts, team pre-game meals, and other stuff that we do.   

So whether you’re a future VRed, an alumnus, a friend, supporter, booster, family member, or anything else, consider this an official invitation to come along with us, there’s always room for one more.      

I would absolutely love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment on any post or send me an email at    


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