Monday, January 16, 2012

PEI and Acadia

Hello again,

This weekend we had two games, beating UPEI on Friday, but losing to Acadia on Saturday. The games were each worth four points so they were big ones for us (in the AUS standings some games are worth 2 points, and others are worth 4 points)

The win over UPEI was a good one. We won 83-61. We were anchored by Claire’s 35 points (on 14-19 shooting), 9 rebounds and four assists. We were down 39-38 at halftime but then found ourselves in the second half to eventually come out with the win.

Saturday’s game was a tough one. We did some things well: we were 48% from behind the arc, we out-rebounded them, and we fought hard in the fourth. Down 38-31 at halftime, we came out of the locker room slow, and it felt like everyone was on a different page. We didn’t play together, and Acadia’s lead was extended to 18. We went on a 12-2 run in the fourth quarter but it just wasn’t enough.

A lot of the time I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit. We can be a very good basketball team. Or, we can be a team that isn’t very good. Exactly 24 hours after we came together and decided to put a team away, we let another team do the same thing to us.

We need to find the balance between the carnally athletic parts of us that want to force the other team to bleed and suffer (metaphorically of course) and the part that loves our team, that supports each other, and won’t let bad plays or mistakes come between us. If we can find that balance I think we’ll be able to do great things.

Now, switching gears a little bit, I’m going to introduce you to two of our players. I’m starting this week with Emma and Megan. They are our two fifth-year players; some of the wisest, most experienced players we have.

Emma Russell #9


Grand Manan, NB


What's your best memory (so far) of being a VRed? Beating Cape Breton last year to take the number one spot, and bringing the team to my hometown (Grand Manan) last season!
What's the toughest part of being a student-athlete? Time Management for sure, but it gets easier every year.

Why do you wear #9? - I used to wear #8 because it was my brother's number and I looked up to him, but my first year of High School basketball, a senior had number 8 so I chose the closest number to it that was available which was 9 - and it has stuck ever since. Also, the same year I looked up to Lisa Leslie who was number 9.

Do you have any superstitions? I always have to start the game with gum in my mouth, and also if I played really well with a certain sports bra on or a certain pair of spandex I will wear them again until I play badly in them. If I did something (ate a certain something, wore a certain something, etc) and played really well, I do it again!

Megan Corby #4


Fredericton, NB

Nursing – Advanced Standing Program

What's your best memory (so far) of being a VRed?

Getting the chance to play with my sister last year.
What's the toughest part of being a student-athlete?

I find I am pretty beat after I get home from practice. So getting the energy to stay up after practices to finish my homework. We play and practice so hard.
What are you most looking forward to this season?

Our Shoot for the Cure weekend (February 3rd/4th). There is always a great turnout and our whole team volunteers to help raise money for breast cancer research.

Why do you wear #4?

I have worn it ever since High school. I had lots of success wearing it so I have not wanted to chance since then.
What is your pre-game routine?

When we are at home I try to bake on game days or doing something crafty. It helps me relax and not get to anxious before the game

I'll be posting again later on in the week, including a few more player bios so check back!


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  1. Meg and Emma are my heros...and you too Allie