Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Road to The Cape

As a write this we’re on the road. We’re travelling to Sydney, NS for a double header against Cape Breton. I’ve never done the drive, but apparently it's about 9 hours. When we get there it will be the farthest East I’ve ever been.

We spend a lot of time on the bus. Sometimes we do homework (although probably not as much as we should). We sleep (although probably more than we should). We play cards, we chat, and we pester people who are trying to sleep.

A lot of the girls don’t like the bus and I can understand why. It probably has something to do with how frustrating it is to try to do homework without a desk. Or maybe it’s the fact that a lot of us have to sit sideways with our legs in the aisle because we don’t fit. Or, just maybe, it’s how hard it is to sleep when 9 people are playing Mafia, 14 people are laughing at some joke Will Farrell made and your neck is cranked at a weird angle, propped up on a backpack and three sweaters.

To be honest though, I like bus trips. Sitting still isn’t easy, but I think it’s one of the most underrated bonding experiences. I’ve learned a lot about my coaches and teammates while we’re on the road. And beyond that, it’s something that I used to hear about from university players when I was younger, an experience that, if it were mine, would make me realize that my hard work had paid off and that I really was playing on a Varsity team. It’s sort of like seeing my nameplate on my locker except somehow more tangible. I guess it’s because nothing makes you more aware of life and the passing of time than when it crawls slowly through a snowstorm somewhere between Sackville and Truro.

Our trips are different. We’ve been to Halifax, Montreal, Charlottetown and Antigonish. We’ve had busses with plugs for laptops and even some with wi-fi. The bus we’re on right now has skylights and hardwood floors. We’ve had drivers who stop only once in ten hours and ones who need coffee every 120kms. However, here are some things you can always count on. Emma always sits on the left side, second row from the back, Mel gets distracted easily no matter how many times she says “this trip I’m going to be on the homework train”, and that between the thirty of us we will never all agree on a movie.

Tomorrow we face off against Cape Breton. We played them in November and split. They’re a tough team, and it’s going to be physical. Plus, we both like to run so it’s going to be a fast one – but those are the best kind.

Tipoff tomorrow night is at 6:00 - go to for a link to the webcast


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